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Head Chef


After years of culinary journeys, exploring cultures and searching for the secrets of the Asian cuisine, Shahaf Shabtay takes you on “a journey to Asia” with 5 different cooking techniques in MESS Restaurant (Shanghai)

Shahaf’s area of expertise is the south east Asian cuisine: Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Thailand. Shahaf is a graduate of the École Grégoire-Ferrandi culinary school of cooking Arts in Paris andholds a C.A.P degree.

From his studies Shahaf took the basics and brought them to the Asian kitchen. He brings to the plate a dialogue and an integration between different cultures, connecting the worlds of East and West to an experience of colors, tastes, textures and techniques, all by using Thai raw materials.

Shahaf brings his creation into the plate with a lot of love, great knowledge and talent. He combines fresh raw materials from the world with natural intuition, tastes, spices and textures.


New Brunch, New Seasonla

More choices, More happiness

Main Course (Choose One)

Shakshuka Curry, New York Style, Pita zaatar, Cheese & spinach puff pastry, Cheese & spinach puff pastry


Focaccia, Brioche toast, Morning Shanghai, Classic French, 5 o’clock Steak & Eggs, Mess French Toast


Papaya salad , Tomato salad Japanese sauce, Tomato salad Japanese sauce, Eggplant salad with mayonnaise, Olive


Scrambled egg with ham, mushroom, tomato

Omelet with ham, mushroom, tomato

Banana roti and caramel

French toast with tiramisu, fresh berries and fruits

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Where ART and FOOD come together

We create new culinary language between the technic of the chef restaurant and that of the museum artist. We create new language in every exhibition. we make new experience in every visit, we connect people with different cultures.

It’s a combination of bakery, pastry and walk.
We make sandwiches, salad, ice cream, we create dishes, fresh juices, our bartender creates drinks and wine…
Every culinary experience has a stage in Playground.

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